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Unko Purious
February 22, 2022

Really fun temple escape room. Hope they produce more soon!

Daniel Hennessy
August 24, 2022

Amazing experience! Only downside is we are leaving the country in a few days and can’t do the other rooms in time!

Billy M
February 2, 2020

Defeat the Dragons!

This was my first VR escape experience and it was amazing! It was medium difficulty, but super intuitive and fun to explore. Compared to live rooms, this was just so distinct, enjoyable, and interactive. On top of this, if you escape they give a magnetic badge to collect. If you collect all four, you are put up on their wall at the escape room! Highly recommend to all escapists and those looking for a fun adventure and activity.

Vince Y.
January 25, 2024

Dear men No BS review Sushi, DNB, here easy date win. It's a fun and great discussion on the way back home. Definitely coming back 🙂

Tyler Chong
May 17, 2022

The live escape room has cool effects, the VR room is VR

September 22, 2022

Got to check out the new Dragon Tower VR escape room with some friends and it was a lot of fun trying to figure out the puzzles. We also did the add-on experience Haunted Hospital which isn't too scary - just an atmospheric experience with a couple of jump scares. Although one friend screamed a lot. So I guess YMMV. Looking forward to going back and trying the other VR rooms along with the traditional room which I hear is great.

Steve K
September 4, 2022

Great place!!

Every VR escape room here is well done, challenging and worth the time. The staff is especially helpful and friendly. We have completed every escape room here and still come back for more (there’s a hard mode with each VR room)!! Highly recommend visiting here!

Nichole P
January 18, 2021

All the wow factors!

All I have to say is WOW! We did the in person room and it is by far the most emersive room we have ever done. You really feel like you're in the story line. Special effects were so awesome and how things work in the room were just all amazing. I brought my 2 sons for my youngests 7th birthday and the birthday boy had a blast as did my 15 year old and myself. Definitely fun for all ages. We cannot wait to go back for more, so much so I'm looking at booking another room tomorrow.

Other Crystal
May 25, 2019

Worth it

Fun for people of all ages. It was a great experience, friendly staff, functional equipment. I will be back again.

Jon S
September 24, 2019

Good experience even if a bit easy.

This was a very well set out and fancy escape room. Coming from the UK we ha e had experience of a number of escape rooms. None so high tech as this. Felt like a film set with numerous automated things. The member of staff called Lily was very lovely and helpful and all in all the experience was good. Only criticism would be that it was a bit easy. The puzzles were pretty simple and as a result we were out with 15mins to spare with no hints or nudges needed.

Kody Hastings
August 31, 2022

Really enjoyed the temple room. Great set up and great staff

John Selman
January 4, 2022

This place is amazing! I have done a ton of escape rooms and this is by far the best! The VR is awesome and so much fun! Will definitely go back again!

Cyndi L.
February 20, 2024

The Temple was one of the most fun and immersive Escape Rooms we have done. Thoroughly enjoyed all the details that were put into the room from start to...

Jacob Eagle
February 28, 2022

Absolutely amazing experience and Niko was extremely helpful. The room was so immersive and the puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty to really make you think.

Nelson Almeida
May 9, 2022

I did the live room, Temple, with 5 co-workers and it was amazing! It is the best escape room I have done (Orlando, DC 3x, and NYC). Don't want to spoil anything but it was a great time! The customer service provided is top notch too. They helped me quickly and efficiently with a billing issue.

July 27, 2019

Must try

So great! This takes escape rooms to another level. I did this with my 2 other friends and we ended up doing 3 rooms back to back because we were hooked.

Gum Nau
October 25, 2020

Best place to escape Reality! LITERALLY

Such a fun night my friends and I had at Chamber Escape Room. It was my first time trying VR and what an out of the world experience that was! Customer service was AMAZING! it’s so good that they might sneak in one or two tricks to enhance your experience. So no spoilers but you might feel things touching your feet— exciting!

Kenny Okawa
July 27, 2019

Best escape room experience so far

I’ve done many escape rooms in the past, but this experience blew them out of the water. The VR experience was something brand new and was so much fun. The staff was also so friendly and accommodating that we wanted to do back to back rooms. I can’t recommend this higher.

Cheryl J
May 16, 2022

The handy 3rd wheel

the algebraic puzzle for me. Definitely team work is a must- share so your teammates can learn and feel appreciated and contributive!

Kim S.
May 4, 2024

Fun for a group! Divide tasks & communicate. Our team succeeded & exited with time to spare.

Tiffany D
October 26, 2020

So unexpectedly fun!

This is one of those things everyone MUST try at least once in their lives. The people here were amazing and helpful, the ambiance and quality of the room and equipment was exceptional. I didn't know what to expect honestly but I certainly wasn't expecting to be so impressed with it all!!

The escape experience though was so so much fun and I will certainly be going back to try all the different versions of escape rooms they have.

If you're reading this because you're on the fence about coming here, just do it: you will NOT regret it!

Jennifer S.
October 23, 2023

I'm super behind the times, but I just had my first escape-room experience here and it was fantastic! My son was invited to a birthday party here. They...

January 26, 2022


We have played both the VR and live rooms.
Had an amazing time with our older kids (14 +) as a family. Great for overly rainy or too sunny days. Easy to find. The staff are very nice and easy to talk with as well as helping.

Chris L
May 8, 2019

I could come back every Weekend!!!

Amazing! Just amazing!
This place takes the VR experience and Escape rooms to a whole new level!
A group of friends and I came here on a wet day after a quick Google search, 5 to mins ride from Waikiki.
We did "The Temple" which was the best 'live' Escape room I've ever done, then came back 2 days later to do "Space Station Tiberia" which literally blew my mind!
Thanks guys!
This place is amazing!

Kevin Harris
June 19, 2022

Awesome Experience

We did this with our two 15 year old grandkids. It was super fun! Be sure to do The Temple, which includes several rooms which are decorated awesome. The other options are virtual…you wear virtual goggles. We highly recommend the live action choice called The Temple. If we can do it, anyone can do it! We escaped in just under 1 hour. Just do it!

Debbie Medeiros
June 24, 2022

Lots of fun! Did this as a team building event and it took a team to figure it out! Looking forward to the next adventure there!

Robert E
August 22, 2022

We came here for The Temple, a live escape room. It was an incredible experience. I’ve been to both of the other escape room establishments on the island and this one wins in terms of set design and immersion by a long shot. Not only was the decor of the room well made, but the puzzles complemented the room/theme and didn’t feel arbitrary. It was odd at first having the GM in the room with us but our GM remained mostly unnoticeable. Highly recommended, will return to try their VR rooms!

Sean Chang
September 14, 2022

Fun escape room. Ben the Temple Spirit was a great guide.

Nicole B
February 27, 2022

Go do this!

We took our team here tonight for a very fun time playing both the live and the VR escape rooms. This is definitely worth the money and a great place to bring colleagues or friends! The staff and owner were also very nice and enthusiastic! A must do for a night out in Honolulu!

July 28, 2019

Depths of Osiris

We played depth of Osiris it was fun and challenging. The wireless vr helped make the environments more imersive.

Jason Blalock
December 30, 2022

Did a few of their VR escape games. Very fun, facility was clean, staff was friendly. Good fun for all, I highly recommend! My game hosts were Jax and Bell, they were extremely friendly and helpful.

Julie Dair
April 16, 2022

We were a group of three teens and two moms and we did the Space Station Tiberius with Megan as our guide. Megan was clear and thorough with all the instructions and funny to boot. She gave us just the right amount of help/hints and was so upbeat and encouraging the whole time. I highly recommend trying this out and I highly recommend our guide Megan! We want to come back for further adventures!

Jared O.
May 5, 2024

Excellent game, very friendly and instructive staff. Very immersive. Just a great time overall. 10/10 would recommend.

Michelle C.
February 13, 2024

My friend and I decided to take the kids while they had a deal of every third player was free, and we had a blast. We did the live one as we had a party of...

March 3, 2022

Very fun! But my group was rushed out in the end when the manager gave away the final clue. They were running late and ruined the ending for me. We ended in under 40 minutes and were supposed to have an hour. We kept saying we didn't want a clue but she blurted it out anyways. Oh well. Still fun despite being robbed of the satisfaction of revealing the final puzzle.

Gianna S
February 28, 2021


Soooo fun! Definitely the best escape room I’ve done. The clues are hard, but not too hard that you have to ask for help 10 times throughout. Definitely a must if you have the time and want something fun to do.

Bree Incillio
May 10, 2022

We had an awesome set of leaders that made the experience awesome ! We did this as a surprise for my sisters birthday and she loved it ! The whole experience and atmosphere was perfect . Time flies in there but the whole time we were laughing n enjoying everything . We had such a great time we will be doing this again and again REAL soon . Great job guys keep this up

All the staff were very friendly. It was all of our first time doing a VR game and the staff made sure we were okay and safe the entire time. The escape experience is fun especially since you get to choose the type of mission you want to do. Highly recommend.

James F
June 1, 2023

Immerse yourself

We did the Temple. Theming was awesome. The puzzles were great. We had such a great time with our group of 7. I would recommend for sure!

July 25, 2022

Dissapointed a bit

Well, i guess fun was there, but i was dissapointed that our VR challenge was ended shorter than what i paid for. I expected there will be enough challenges to keep going until our paid time is up. We were a couple with a small kid-- not the best people good at solving this kind of game, but there were only 3 challenges and it was finished 10 minutes earlier than our paid time was up. Considering some time was wasted in the beginning due to some technical difficulties, i felt advertised 45 minutues virtual experience i paid for was actually only for about 30 minutes. So you know what i mean? At least if it was explained before we got into VR-- i could take time, pace myself, and try to enjoy the experience, instead of getting goal oriented. The machines ... i dont know- not an expert in VR technology. Not that impressed. Staffs were very helpful.

Dallas Payton
January 8, 2023

Ben was super helpful. The puzzles were a lot of fun and challenging. I highly recommend this for your family or group!

We did the Depths of Osiris game and it was lots of fun. Charley was a great host.

Joseph Del Rosario
December 23, 2022

Not our first escape room but first time doing it VR. Such a fun date night. Place was clean. Staff was friendly. Will highly recommend to friends and definitely will return later.

pedro vazquez
September 11, 2022

Awesome. New to the VR escape rooms. Had a blast. The vr operators are awesome. Shout out to them. They were very helpful and flexible when I showed up on the wrong date right time slot lol.

Brian J
February 14, 2020

Had a blast with the family in "The Temple" room(s)

The eight of us really enjoyed this escape room! Indiana Jones style. While the virtual reality escape rooms are fun, it's nice that places like Chambers still offer a great physical escape room. Where you touch and feel and hear and move around. Old school ... but great school. Great staff, and high recommend.

Tammy M
February 18, 2024

Escaped the Depths of Osiris!!!

Amazing time. My husband loves to do escape rooms and he had a blast!!!! We did The Depth of Osiris, which was VR, it was challenging but fun. Great thing to do if you are either waiting to get on or depart from NCL Pride of America. 5 minute walk from the pier.

Tom Selman
January 4, 2022

Did the virtual escape room with my brothers, it was so much fun! If you do this you HAVE TO add on the Hospital of horrors at the end, that was the best part!

Jeremy Bartel
March 28, 2022

The very best Virtual Reality experience ever! we tried the Space Station Tiberia Escape Room, and Devin was our Games Master. If you have extra time, book the Haunted Hospital experience, and the Space Robots game with lihhtsaber and shield! This is our favourite escape room ever and can't wait to return and play all the games, including the live action one!

Richard Holibaugh
January 7, 2023

Good fun. Came with our work group. The more the merrier if it wasn’t for my teammates I’d still be trying to escape. Third generation escape room so there’s some effects (sound, moving walls, etc) so it enhances the experience. I recommend and I will go back and try another room.

Hayley F
May 25, 2022

A FUN filled CHALLENGE that promotes team building!

EVERYTHING! The challenges, the puzzles, the props, the rooms and the STAFF. Everything was awesome. FUN for the whole family-we had 2 grandchildren, 2 adults and 2 grandparents and EVERYONE really enjoyed them selves, even our TEENAGER!!!