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Aaron Agmata
July 23, 2022

We've been to several escape rooms but Chambers is got to be the best so far. We decided to do the interactive escape called The Temple. The rooms were very immersive. You actually feel you are Indiana Jones in a temple and trying to find the treasure. Zeke the guide was perfect. He was so invisible at times some of use actually got scared when we saw him tucked in the corner. The clues were medium and we did ask for some hints. We plan on going back the three remaining times so we can get our picture on the wall. I would refer Chambers Escape Games to everyone. This is the owners only escape room.

August 4, 2022

Totally fun VR Escape Room

Totally fun VR Escape Room experience. We did the Dragon Tower game plus the 2 bonus VR games and had a blast. If you've never tried VR Escape Rooms, you should check Chambers Escape Games...very interactive and challenging, yet fun games!

Kenneth Z
November 26, 2023

VR escape room

VR escape room was an amazing experience that I shared with my family! There were laughs for sure with family shenanigans of “come here do this and that, but wait.” If you’re on the fence about what to do tonight, this is the event for you.

Staff was friendly, helpful, and patient with our first time doing escape room.

Highly recommended 10/10

Nelson Almeida
May 9, 2022

I did the live room, Temple, with 5 co-workers and it was amazing! It is the best escape room I have done (Orlando, DC 3x, and NYC). Don't want to spoil anything but it was a great time! The customer service provided is top notch too. They helped me quickly and efficiently with a billing issue.

Alliah B
July 3, 2021

A step outside of reality

Such an amazing adventure! My family and I went for my mom‘s birthday. From the moment we stepped in the building there was a mysteriously inviting atmosphere set. The room was very challenging, but with our teamwork and the 3 clues we were
graciously provided, we made it with 3 mins to spare! This adventure should definitely be on your to do list!

Crystal S
May 25, 2019

So much fun! I can’t wait to do it again!

We had a great time at Chambers doing the VR escape room. I totally recommend it! Fun for the whole family!

July 5, 2020


Awesome! We have done 7 other escape rooms around the island and none of them come close to this one. Once you get inside the room you feel like you have been submerged in that world, very realistic experience. We were 2 adults and 2 teenagers, there were enough things to work on in different groups, giving everyone the possibility to play, and not crowd each other in one task, which often results in confusion and waste of time.
Challenging, yet clues are pretty straight forward so you don’t spend time trying to figure out something that doesn’t even matter to escape.

Loved it!

Mehana Kwong
October 10, 2022

A great experience! Everyone had lots of fun working together to get through the puzzles & story.

February 18, 2020

You NEED to try this!

If you want to do something fun and memorable, do this while in Honolulu. You will NOT regret it - loads of fun for the whole family!! I am still raving about it to my friends!!

Aria Leighty
March 19, 2022

So fun! Amazing family activity. Great memories! We will be back. Megan is great.

All the staff were very friendly. It was all of our first time doing a VR game and the staff made sure we were okay and safe the entire time. The escape experience is fun especially since you get to choose the type of mission you want to do. Highly recommend.

Christina Darling
July 12, 2022

This is THE BEST! We hosted a preteen birthday party here and the kids LOVED it! From beginning to end, our entire experience was AMAZING! Thank you to all the staff for being so wonderful to work with!

Norma Litke
August 14, 2022

Awesome experience. Definitely will do again

Alexis M.
November 15, 2022

I can say even though I have my own fancy VR station at home with all the bells and whistles (Index, Vive Trackers, etc.), this is hands down one of the best VR experiences I've had to date, ESPECIALLY with friends and family! Can't replicate it at home, VR enthusiasts ;).

Nicole B
February 27, 2022

Go do this!

We took our team here tonight for a very fun time playing both the live and the VR escape rooms. This is definitely worth the money and a great place to bring colleagues or friends! The staff and owner were also very nice and enthusiastic! A must do for a night out in Honolulu!

John R
May 27, 2022

Fun evening activity

We did the live temple escape- it was a lot of fun! Great atmosphere and props. 1 hour experience. Our first escape room but won’t be the last

Kim Marshall
October 26, 2022

1st time to an escape room. It was great. Loved the props. Good time for sure.

Jennifer S.
October 23, 2023

I'm super behind the times, but I just had my first escape-room experience here and it was fantastic! My son was invited to a birthday party here. They...

February 18, 2020

VR Space Escape Room at Chambers

This is our 2nd VR Escape Room we’ve done at Chambers. The 1st one we ‘Escaped’ from was their Dragon Tower (I think that’s the name?). The design of the games is excellent to the point you sometimes forget that the things you are ‘holding’ aren’t real. Compared to the Dragon VR, the Space VR challenge is more difficult with less step-wise fluidity, but nevertheless a lot of fun. Highly recommend Chambers Escape rooms!

July 12, 2023

The ultimate island escape!!

Completely blown away by the entire experience! Storyline, technology, how immersive the game was/felt! You really do escape reality and get transported straight into another world. We completed the Depths of Osiris with only a few breaths to spare 😉. We will definitely be back to tackle the other worlds and get on the escape master wall! Mahalo Chambers team!

July 25, 2022

Dissapointed a bit

Well, i guess fun was there, but i was dissapointed that our VR challenge was ended shorter than what i paid for. I expected there will be enough challenges to keep going until our paid time is up. We were a couple with a small kid-- not the best people good at solving this kind of game, but there were only 3 challenges and it was finished 10 minutes earlier than our paid time was up. Considering some time was wasted in the beginning due to some technical difficulties, i felt advertised 45 minutues virtual experience i paid for was actually only for about 30 minutes. So you know what i mean? At least if it was explained before we got into VR-- i could take time, pace myself, and try to enjoy the experience, instead of getting goal oriented. The machines ... i dont know- not an expert in VR technology. Not that impressed. Staffs were very helpful.

Joannie T.
February 24, 2024

Fun time! Lots of great laughs and pretty cool to experience VR. Experienced the Manor of Escape, great time!

The Japan Dude
December 27, 2022

This was our first go at an escape game. We were kinda nervous throughout, but we made progress, often with some some timely hints form our guide. At the end, we thought we were done, but forgot our ultimate goal. With a reminder, we go out in the nick of time. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend giving this one a go, especially if you have a group of 3 or more.

Hayley F
May 25, 2022

A FUN filled CHALLENGE that promotes team building!

EVERYTHING! The challenges, the puzzles, the props, the rooms and the STAFF. Everything was awesome. FUN for the whole family-we had 2 grandchildren, 2 adults and 2 grandparents and EVERYONE really enjoyed them selves, even our TEENAGER!!!

William Montenegro
February 19, 2022

We had a great time and will definitely go back go on fridays

Gum Nau
October 25, 2020

Best place to escape Reality! LITERALLY

Such a fun night my friends and I had at Chamber Escape Room. It was my first time trying VR and what an out of the world experience that was! Customer service was AMAZING! it’s so good that they might sneak in one or two tricks to enhance your experience. So no spoilers but you might feel things touching your feet— exciting!

October 24, 2021

Would highly recommend

This was a really good escape room. Lots of movement puzzles and not overwhelmingly weighted on locks and keys. Had a blast. Am going back tomorrow for a VR room as we did the live temple this time.

November 26, 2022

Immersive treasure hunt

This was new for 7 of the 8 in our party, and Jax was a fantastic guide. The one person in our group who has done a number of Escape Rooms said that this was at the top of the list. Very well themed, we all had things to do, and we had to use different problem solving skills. We would 100% recommend this for a great activity.

Jon S
September 24, 2019

Good experience even if a bit easy.

This was a very well set out and fancy escape room. Coming from the UK we ha e had experience of a number of escape rooms. None so high tech as this. Felt like a film set with numerous automated things. The member of staff called Lily was very lovely and helpful and all in all the experience was good. Only criticism would be that it was a bit easy. The puzzles were pretty simple and as a result we were out with 15mins to spare with no hints or nudges needed.

Jason PypsAeris
August 30, 2022

An absolutely amazing experience. This was our families first escape room and we were all able to contribute a puzzle. Granted I can’t compare it to any other escape room, but this was definitely a great experience. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I guess my only gripe would be if they had more of the live puzzles or at the very least change up the answers to the puzzles. However I do understand the complications that could bring. Overall definitely worth your time and money.

Aaron A
July 23, 2022

The great escape

We've been to several escape rooms but Chambers is got to be the best so far. We decided to do the interactive escape called The Temple. The rooms were very immersive. You actually feel you are Indiana Jones in a temple and trying to find the treasure. Zeke the guide was perfect. He was so invisible at times some of use actually got scared when we saw him tucked in the corner. The clues were medium and we did ask for some hints. We plan on going back the three remaining times so we can get our picture on the wall. I would refer Chambers Escape Games to everyone. This is the owners only escape room.

Rika Matsumoto
August 18, 2022

This place was amazing!!! It costs a little more than most escape rooms but it was so worth it. The Atmosphere and puzzles were top notch. I particularly loved that there were multiple rooms to go through which added depth to the experience. Our Game Master Ben was fantastic very supportive and it just felt like he really wanted us to win. At the time of this review there is only one live escape room (the rest are VR) called The Temple but it looks like they are working on more rooms in the future. So i will definitely be back with more people very soon!!!

John Selman
January 4, 2022

This place is amazing! I have done a ton of escape rooms and this is by far the best! The VR is awesome and so much fun! Will definitely go back again!

Sabrina L.
February 12, 2024

This escape room was so unique & intricate! It was the best one I've done so far! Thanks for the experience!

July 28, 2019

Depths of Osiris

We had a group of 4 and we had so much fun! First time doing a breakout and first time doing VR! Will definitely suggest to my other friends for things to do on a night out in Kakaako.

May 25, 2019

2 thumbs up

Great experience, tons of fun. Popped my VR cherry. We did the underwater scenario, and it was just madness! Will definitely come again!!

Other Crystal
May 25, 2019

Worth it

Fun for people of all ages. It was a great experience, friendly staff, functional equipment. I will be back again.

Tyler Chong
May 17, 2022

The live escape room has cool effects, the VR room is VR

Bret Hart
May 8, 2022

Outside building was deceptive. Overall I would rate this as money well spent

Alaina Cabreros
January 3, 2022

This was the coolest experience!!! My family and I laughed so much and had a blast!!!! Def something you should do while on the islands. It was so fun we booked another one two days later!!! Try it you wont regret it!

Kyle S
January 11, 2020

How can you have so much fun in a 20' by 20' space?

On a trip back home to Hawaii this past New Years, my brother suggested we go to Chambers Escape Games, to try out their virtual reality escape room. I've been curious about how VR has improved over the years and readily agreed. We (four of us) arrived on a weeknight evening (street parking, btw), and went up the stairs to find the entrance to Chambers. Their waiting room held a few other groups (Chambers has multiple rooms, some VR, some in the material world), and the check-in process was quick and efficient.

Inside our room we were quickly introduced to our gear (a VR visor, not too bulky) and a backpack containing the CPU. Our host walked us through what we would see and how we could interact with our virtual environment. With a flip of the switch, we were transported to a virtual world in which each of us was represented by an avatar of a different color. The room was small, about 20' by 20', but our avatars kept us from running into each other. Our scenario was a space station that had to be fixed, in order to stop a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth. To say more would give too much away, but the graphics were great, the ability of the VR headsets to track our movements very precise, and the puzzles were a lot of fun and required a lot of teamwork. As an added bonus at the end they let us wander around a VR scenario they'd set up for Halloween--not a puzzle room, but rather an exploration of a haunted hospital. Overall a really fun time!

pedro vazquez
September 11, 2022

Awesome. New to the VR escape rooms. Had a blast. The vr operators are awesome. Shout out to them. They were very helpful and flexible when I showed up on the wrong date right time slot lol.

December 3, 2022

Our first time there was amazing, we didn't know what to expect. The employee there was knowledgeable and engaging. We had a great time and can't wait to beat all the rooms!

Tiffany D
October 26, 2020

So unexpectedly fun!

This is one of those things everyone MUST try at least once in their lives. The people here were amazing and helpful, the ambiance and quality of the room and equipment was exceptional. I didn't know what to expect honestly but I certainly wasn't expecting to be so impressed with it all!!

The escape experience though was so so much fun and I will certainly be going back to try all the different versions of escape rooms they have.

If you're reading this because you're on the fence about coming here, just do it: you will NOT regret it!

Cheryl J
May 16, 2022

The handy 3rd wheel

the algebraic puzzle for me. Definitely team work is a must- share so your teammates can learn and feel appreciated and contributive!

Jeremy Bartel
March 28, 2022

The very best Virtual Reality experience ever! we tried the Space Station Tiberia Escape Room, and Devin was our Games Master. If you have extra time, book the Haunted Hospital experience, and the Space Robots game with lihhtsaber and shield! This is our favourite escape room ever and can't wait to return and play all the games, including the live action one!

Steve Bryan
July 28, 2019

Awesome VR experience!!!

Perfect escape from reality! The staff are friendly and very helpful. We had a great time going through the maze. Bring your friends and have a great time!

Ian South
July 12, 2023

First of many visits! In looooove with this place!

What an incredible way to spend a day, I was blown away by the entire experience. I went with a group of some of my favorite people and after working through the thought-provoking puzzle type storylines I feel we are all somehow even closer… and now we know who to call if ever trapped in a room filling with water 😂 Everyone in my group had a blast and was super involved. The staff made us feel at home and comfortable being our silly selves. Cannot recommend high enough, if you haven’t been it’s a MUST VISIT on Oahu. Shouts out Chambers for an amazing evening

Billy D
October 17, 2019

Escape Room VR

100%, brilliant setup, nice guys running it and amazing technology. We did the Dragon VR and it was exciting, entertaining, and worth every cent. We usually do the live ones but I would be doing this again in Australia if it starts to come in there.

Brian J
February 14, 2020

Had a blast with the family in "The Temple" room(s)

The eight of us really enjoyed this escape room! Indiana Jones style. While the virtual reality escape rooms are fun, it's nice that places like Chambers still offer a great physical escape room. Where you touch and feel and hear and move around. Old school ... but great school. Great staff, and high recommend.