Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Absolutely not! All of our games are 100% private, so you can fully enjoy the experience with your group and your group only.

We are between Kaka’ako and Downtown Honolulu, at 550 Halekauwila Street. You’ll see our banner on the second floor.

Yes, but only if we have availability. For this reason, we strongly recommend calling or checking our website for availability before coming in. To guarantee a slot, book ahead of time!

(We actually get this question a lot) – but yes, those 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are 100% legit! Our escape rooms are outstanding and our staff is genuinely personable and fun. We are a small local business, and we truly care about giving our players an amazing time! Just read through some of those reviews and see what our players are saying about us — or better yet, come try us out for yourselves!

Not quite.  All of our games are social interactive experiences, meant to be played live with other people. Even our Virtual Reality escape rooms are played in the same virtual and physical space with your teammates. Our players range from keiki to kupuna, so no gaming or technical experience is required to have fun.

Our Virtual Reality technology is fully free-roam – meaning you move in virtual space exactly the way you do in the real world. It feels completely natural and produces ZERO motion sickness! We guarantee it, or your money back.

While our VR headsets can be adjusted for some glasses, wide or thick-rimmed frames may not be able to fit. Many of our glasses-wearing players have simply been able to take them off and play without issue; however, if you have a very high prescription, this may make for a sub-optimal experience. We recommend wearing contact lenses if you can, or else playing one of our Live-Action escape rooms instead.

The Temple is optimally designed for 4-8 players; groups smaller than this may have a sub-optimal experience, or find it difficult to complete the game. The absolute minimum is 3 players (one of the puzzles physically requires 3 players to solve) and so we allow this for games booked Mon-Thurs. However, we do require a 4-person reservation to book the room Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Although some of the problem-solving puzzles may be difficult, children ages 7 and up can still participate and enjoy the immersive environments and group gameplay! (And kids 6 and under can come spectate for FREE!) Note that for the Virtual Reality games, there is a minimum height requirement of 48 inches / 4 feet to play.
Children ages 6 and under will likely be too young to actively participate in the games besides spectating – which we allow, at no additional cost! Please note, however, that there is the possibility of them getting a little scared; for this reason, we encourage you to reach out before booking if you have any concerns.

While our typical weekday staffing for walk-ins starts at 3:00PM, we accept advance bookings as early as 9:30AM and as late as 10:00PM! (Weekends we are always fully staffed.) Just click the “Book Now” button to see all available timeslots.

There is no assigned parking, but there should be plenty of metered street parking in the area (free after 6PM on weekdays and all day Sunday!) as well as an adjacent parking garage open until 5PM on weekdays. Pay attention to street signage and any parking limitations during certain hours.

Give us a call and we will see what we can do! Because all of our slots are booked in advance, our ability to accommodate late arrivals is not guaranteed – for this reason, we also cannot offer refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of your game. Please be sure to arrive on time or give us sufficient notice if any issues come up!

You most certainly can! We’ve hosted birthdays, graduations, team-building events, school trips, and more! While we do need to maintain certain health & safety requirements for large groups, we can definitely try to accommodate. Check out our Events Page and drop us a line!

You bet’cha! We have a number of positions available, from staffed game operators to freelance promoters! Shoot us a message.