Meet the Team

That colorful collection of personalities that make up the Chambers family!


Founder, Co-Owner
Ron Bronstein (he/him)

The creative mind behind Chambers Escape Games and the designer of The Temple, Ron has been working to bring his vision of Chambers to life since 2015.

Interests include guitar lap-tapping, fire-spinning, and terrible dad jokes.

Niko Pikor (he/him)

The savvy (or crazy?) businessman who took a chance on a risky project and helped make Chambers Escape Games a reality. 

Endurance sport enthusiast and resident hair afficionado.

General Manager
Eryn Uribe (she/her)

As the “Coordinator of Chaos” and driving engine behind the day-to-day running of Chambers, Eryn oversees all aspects of management, operations, and customer and staff satisfaction.

Likes her cat more than her husband.
(Just kidding, we love Vance.)

Emma Robinson (she/her)

Having helped Ron navigate Chambers through the worst of the pandemic, Emma continues to lend her experience and creativity to operations, support, and social media management.

Passionate about ocean conservation, puzzles, and cheese.


Head of VR
Zack (he/him)

As one of the first Chambers hires and the longest-standing employee, Zack leads the team as the most senior operator and the technical wiz of Chambers.

In his free time, enjoys gaming, MMOs, dodgeball, and trolling Ron.

Head of Training & QA
Bell (she/her)

Our first hire after re-opening during the pandemic, Bell brings her experience and phenomenal instruction skills to train new generations of Chambers staff.

Enjoys movies, slushies, and beating her co-workers at game nights.
Temple & VR Operator
Ethan Michael (he/him)

When he’s not getting swole at the gym or training to become the next anime protagonist, Ethan works hard to perfect his craft in photography, videography, and all things visual.

Favorite dinosaur is Allosaurus.

Temple & VR Operator
Liz (she/her)

Liz is an entirely normal girl who enjoys totally normal things like her cat and good food and splashing in water. Mention Taylor Swift to her for bonus hints.

FUN FACT: Liz had never played an escape room when she was hired.

Temple Operator
Jax (they/them)

Whether cosplaying for a convention or designing for a play, entertainment is their passion. Someday they hope to start their own theatre company or design costumes for a movie.

Can name all 50 states alphabetically.

Temple & VR Operator
Ky (they/them)

Oahu born and raised, Ky is a recent MBA graduate of Chaminade University. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, bodyboarding, surfing, and EDM events.

FUN FACT: Ky and Ron first met while shuffling at an event. (Ky is better.)

VR Operator
Euna (she/her)

In her own words: “I’m the smartest dumb person you’ll ever meet.” Definitely the weirdest one around, Euna is the resident art student.

Her name is Gaelic.

Temple Operator
Zeke (he/him)

The man on the hustle, Zeke is a self-starter with a hunger to learn, work hard, and build a future of his dreams. Whether you want to rent a Tesla on Turo, get some hair laser removed, or recruit the next COO for your startup, Zeke is your guy!

Temple & VR Operator
Devin (he/him)

Devin is Peter Parker.

Temple Operator
Ben (he/him)

Ben was actually an Escape Master before joining the team – he loved playing our games so much he decided to come work here! Ben is currently studying to become an aircraft mechanic at HCC (and practices flying Birdly in his free time.)

Temple Operator
Jade (she/her)

Jade is currently an animation major with an interest in 3D modeling. Her hobbies include cosplaying, playing video games, and art.

Her cat’s name is Snack Pack.

Game Operator

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